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No matter what the situation may entail, having a warrant out for your arrest is a frightening situation. Imagine being pulled over for a broken taillight then immediately being taken into jail because you have a warrant that you were not aware you had. The state of Florida takes warrants very seriously thus prosecutors and law enforcement agencies will approach you aggressively if there is a warrant in your name. For this reason, you need a skilled legal representative by your side inside and outside of the courtroom.

Warrants are an essential element in the United States criminal system. Because of the intricate process of the warrant system, there are stringent limitations and requirements whenever these legal documents are utilized.

Search Warrants
Search warrants permit law enforcement to search a property or person for evidence pertaining to a crime. Per Florida Statute 993.01, only judges can authorize and issue search warrants. In order to get a search warrant issued, law enforcement officers must present probable cause to the judge that this property or person is relevant to a case. Probable cause can include evidence that a crime has been or will be committed on a property or that evidence of a crime exists on the property. Once issued by the judge, the warrant orders law enforcement to search the named person or property.

Arrest Warrants
Arrest warrants may also be authorized and issued by Florida judges. Arrest warrants are issued to arrest anyone named in the warrant, and consequently bring him or her before the judge. If there is reasonable proof that you may have committed an offense, then Florida Statute 901.02 states that a judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. Moreover, Florida 901.16 states that the arresting officer must notify you of the arrest warrant, but does not have to produce it at the time of the arrest.

Bench Warrants
A bench warrant is another common form of a Florida warrant. Bench warrants are issued without the use of supporting affidavits or sworn statements. Bench warrants are issued to compel a person to appear in court. If you violate a court order, fail to appear in court pursuant to an order or summons, fail to pay traffic tickets on time, or fail to meet the terms of your probation then you may receive a bench warrant for your arrest.

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