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  Probation Violations
Have you recently violated your parole and are worried that your probation may be revoked? In the state of Florida, the consequences of violating parole may be severe. For this reason, it is important to understand your rights and options with the help of a dedicated lawyer at your side.

In Florida, there are two ways that you can be accused of violating your probation.
  1. You violated a term of your probation. For instance, you failed to show up for a mandated appointment or did not pay any fines that are associated with your probation.
  2. You were charged with committing another crime.

When you have been charged with a probation violation, a judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. At which point, you will then be taken to a county jail where you may be held without bond. Once you have been taken to county jail, you have very little time to prove your innocence and keep your rights. This process becomes even more difficult given the legal circumstances that surround a probation violation. When you are accused of violating your probation, you do not have the right to a trial before a jury. Moreover, the burden of proof is based on a preponderance of evidence. In layman’s terms, the prosecutor only needs to prove that it is likely that you violated your probation in order to be found guilty. If you are found guilty, you may face a multitude of consequences, including a lengthened probation period, more jail time, or a prison sentence.

Understanding Parole and Probation Conditions
If you have recently been placed on probation or parole, it is equally important to know what your conditions are to ensure you do not violate your parole. One of our trusted legal representatives will be happy to discuss your conditions with you to ensure you understand what is expected of you. It is best to fight the possibility of a parole violation early to save yourself from hardship later. Depending on the severity, probation and parole violation consequences often result in an extended prison sentence. There are two ways that the prison sentence will be decided: you may serve a sentence that was suspended in lieu of probation or serve the remainder of a sentence if you were released on parole. From the beginning, you will need an experienced representative at your side to ensure that you keep your rights. You shouldn’t have to face this alone and we are here to help.

If you are facing a parole violation, you need to develop a strong case early. Contact one of our legal representatives today to secure your freedom tomorrow.

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